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Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency Unit of Toggi Shipping and Logistics limited (TSLL) is generally engaged in procedural activities and administrative tasks.


The main working areas are:

  • Arrival/ Departure Formalities
  • Port Dues and Other Settlements
  • Appointment of Stevedore
  • Handling of Crews ETC.

Trading of cargoes require formal documentation process and the proper compliance issues should be maintained strictly. We, the shipping agency unit of TSLL takes all of these responsibilities and our deep knowledge and experience on this field has given us a unique expertise in this field.


The actual charge for port dues is set by the respective port authority of the location where the ship is docking. The Agency Unit of TSLL handles these issues efficiently.


We arrange Appointment of trusted and skilled Stevedore to help our customers as well as handle the crews.

Shipping Agency
Shipping Agency
Shipping Agency