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Message From Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman – Bashundhara Group

Safwan Sobhan Tasvir

Vice Chairman – Bashundhara Group

Toggi Shipping & Logistics Limited (TSLL) has been established to deliver diligent solution of green shipbuilding and comprehensive riverine logistics operation across the country. Bangladesh is a riverine country. The economy of Bangladesh largely depends on riverine communication channel especially for the transportation of logistics materials. Shipbuilding and logistics management facilities is not new in Bangladesh but diverse nature of materials including heavy construction and the nature of rising megaprojects require modern shipbuilding facilities including extended internal storage and self-unloading features. Riverine routes drafting, coordination and overall vessel operations should be smart and handy. Whereas the world is fast moving with the evolving shipbuilding & ship operations, many of the cases we still rely on traditional technology in Bangladesh. Keeping this in mind we have introduced Toggi Shipping & Logistics Limited (TSLL) as an advanced shipbuilding and logistics solution. Hence, we are reducing dependency on import and directly contributing to the national economy.


Our previous experience of importing raw materials, coal and stone chips along with in-house expert engineers have given us a unique expertise in this field.


We follow innovative techniques and state-of-the-art technology to make self-unloading vessels and other modern shipbuilding features. TSLL always focus on efficient business Operations at Timeliness manner. Innovation, Process Efficiency and commitment to our customers has made us unique to this industry. We engage delegated set of engineers and experts to achieve excellence in sustainable green ship-building and in-land riverine ship operations.


We always focus on Sustainability and process efficiency throughout our operations. We regularly asses our short run and long run impact on environments and take associated strategies. We are firmly committed for the betterment of our society and focus on the actions that make our society better off. We are going to build 13 ships, 2150 DWT each self-unloading vessel, within Middle of the 2023, which will be the biggest achievement in the shipbuilding history of Bangladesh.