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About TSLL

Toggi Shipping & Logistics Limited (TSLL) has started its journey in 2016. The first cargo ship “MV Rania-6” manufactured exclusively by TSLL has been commissioned in June 2022. Then TSLL launched their second cargo ship MV Shehzad in December 2022.


Bangladesh is a riverine country where 80% of trade is transported through river routes and in logistics, it has emerged one of the important industries in the Country. Keeping this in mind, TSLL has leapt over with responsibilities of distributing bulk commodities and raw materials, delivering and production. And so, a grandiose outfit of TSLL is visible on the bank of Buriganga, at Hasnabad Keraniganj. TSLL aims to build quality ships and provide exquisite customer services.

MV Rania-6
MV Shezaad-2

With a propitious dream to become Nation’s premier shipping and logistics company, TSLL is currently occupied to build at least 12 coaster lighter self-unloading vessels and once done this will be one of the largest fleets of the naval logistic transportation system in the Country. Each vessel has the capacity to carry 2,000 metric tons of cargo, featuring an automated unloading conveyer belt system with draft can meet the requirements of tidal ports and is a premium category vessel. All the components and tools for making shipping vessels are imported and made by skilled engineers and craftsmen in its own shipyard at Keraniganj.


The main objective of this initiative is to strengthen the internal transport communication management and to strengthen the economic infrastructure of the country. TSLL has been considered to open up a new era in local logistics operations as local engineers have been showing their excellence in shipbuilding.